EH2009 - 0.85

Easterhegg 2009
the family event

Tag Sonnabend - 2009-04-11
Raum Aula
Beginn 20:00
Dauer 01:30
ID 3151
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch

protonet - building a new internet

"revolutions don't start with frickin business cases"

So I'm a software mercenary, I fight code wars for money, to be more precise to raise money to do what I really love, and part of that is to create a new internet, a free one, where the data and the infrastructure belongs to the people, to give them their freedom back. That is why me and some 3-4 other guys are working on this project of ours, protonet. To build a new, better internet. The first ten prototypes of this idea are currently being build at a factory here in Hamburg, and the best part is: they are already sold ;). This session will frickin' rock, it's gonna have blood, revolutions, maths, physics, philosophy. More blood, wars. Oh yes and chaos.

So you might wonder, what the hell is this talk is about. And you'll be right to ask.

Anyhow, here's a quick overview:

What we're creating is a zero-config wireless mesh service (not just a network). Basically taking the premise that looking at current innercity neighborhoods, you usually find a high number of wifi access points within any building block, and each of those is just sending out his internet to his 1-2 flat inhabitants. And that's crazy. What we want to bring back is communication to the neighborhood. And it should cost you nothing*, neither in time setting up some crappy hardware nor in monthly recurring fees (you'll need to buy a protonet capable AP/router though).

So we're merging the apple idea of an out of the box running system, where you just have to push one button to turn that damn thing on with ideas out of freifunk and freenet. We're adding a couple of killer apps that require no installation and - of course - run out of the box. A complete package so to speak. Something your girlfriend would use. And not only software wise but hardware wise too. (I'll have to admit the first batch of nodes has been geared towards our early adopters - the geeks, but we know that ultimately it has to please another crowd)

But these are just the hard facts, the ideas behind it are at least just as interesting.